FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ- About Our Service (JavaScript Development)

  1. How will you provide JavaScript development services?

We provide JavaScript services for all the individual or a group depends on their query and expectation. Also, you can get the service through our tutorials for JavaScript. It covers all the topics and errors in the JavaScript.

  1. Are JavaScript tutorials for accessible for free from your site?

Mostly we offer free tutorials for all the visitors, and some of the tutorials in online will be offered for paid service.

  1. What about your support team?

Our support team occupied with highly talented and experienced in the domain with several years who have the ability to provide the solutions for all kinds of issues on JavaScript platform.

  1. What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is cross platform with an object oriented scripting language. It can be used in host environment to match with the objects similar to the environment for offering the programming control.

  1. What is JS node?

It’s a platform to build chrome’s JavaScript runtime easy to build scalable network applications. JS node is an event-driven, non-blocking I/O module which makes the functions effective and real-time application across different devices.

  1. Who is the creator of JavaScript?

JavaScript was developed within ten days in May 1995. Brendan Eich who created the JavaScript to work on Netscape but now works in Mozilla. The real name of JavaScript was mocha named by the founder of Netscape called Andreessen.

  1. The difference between Java and JavaScript?

Java is a programming language with a set if libraries, a virtual machine which enables to develop compiled programs to run on the different platform.  Whereas JavaScript is an object-oriented scripting language to create HTML pages to process data maintenance in the browser.

  1. How to read/write files from JavaScript?

Reading files with JavaScript is possible but write a file from JavaScript is look like impossible where the language doesn’t allow this process.